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If you require building services in London, look no further than Green Home Services Ltd. You can count on us to provide construction and refurbishment services that are comprehensive and completed to exceptionally high standards. With 34 years of sector experience under our belts, spending 17 years working on large-scale projects in Dubai, we are equipped to undertake all forms of interior, exterior and structural works, from joinery works, electrical and plumbing, extensions, and much more. Our team has worked extensively with large concrete, steel and wooden structures as well as more specific tasks such as landscaping and exterior painting. Moreover, we have strong experience when it comes to providing an expert project management service, ensuring that every final detail adheres to initial specifications.

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Our Project Management Service

You may be a property owner who wants to build an extension and requires specialist assistance. Many people source specialists for different trades – bringing in specialists for plumbing and electrical, for example. However, going down this route means that you have no expertise when it comes to ensuring that each individual executes their work in accordance with the set specifications. This is there Green Home Services Ltd in London come in.

For many years, we have provided a strict project management service, placing strong emphasis on guaranteeing that every aspect of the construction project is completed in accordance with the authorities approved specifications set during the planning stage. Our project management service is underpinned by a trio of principles: delivering projects within budget; completing them on time; and never deviating from the agreed specifications.

With the building services in London provided by Green Home Services Ltd, you can rest assured that projects are completed in not just a punctual and cost-effective manner but also exactly in line with the structural parameters set – down to the very last nut and bolt. We are passionate about finding the most effective construction solutions for a particular project and carrying them out in a rigorously professional manner.







Along with supplying a project management service for new builds, our building services in London also include refurbishments. We can manage the entire refurbishment project, handling the restoration and repair of tired property features as well as ensuring that the entire process is fully compliant with building regulations and prescribed specifications.

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